Exercise And Lose Those Extra Pounds

Are you overweight?  Do want to lose some extra pounds?  Well, I can’t promise you that you will immediately lose significant weight in less than two weeks but I can guarantee that you will lose weight in a month or two, and that you will look good and feel good about it.  Fitness is important for every person to function effectively and efficiently in their respective work place, and have a good social interaction.  The best way to do it is to have a fitness program and healthy diet plans.   A good exercise program with strict diet plans is a must if you desire to lose those extra pounds.  To start with the losing weight program it is recommended that you know beforehand your caloric intake and daily caloric needs.

There are websites that have formulas in calculating your daily caloric need just by filling in the necessary information such as age, exercise level, height, weight, and gender.  These sites also will help you check your target heart rate which is valuable during the exercise program.  After you have learned about your daily caloric needs, the next thing you need to do is to plan and decide the best time and frequency (3 times per week or 5 times per week) for you to do the exercise.  Some people say morning works for them without anything on their stomach, but you need to try it out for yourself.  After you have determined the time and frequency you will be doing your fitness exercise, you can start by a 30-minute walking with a pedometer and increase the steps to 1000 weekly.

If you are unable to do walking, you can do swimming, biking, jogging, and rowing as alternative way but still you need to do it in a 30 minutes time duration.  To further progress your fitness routine, you can use equipments in gyms.  However, these exercises will result to nothing if you don’t stick with your diet plans; remember exercise plus diet will result to weight loss.  Just some easy tips for your diet plan; try to eat more fiber and foods that are rich with anti oxidant.  Regular calcium intake is also recommended to maintain bone integrity and then protein for muscle development and repair.  Surely, after all of these exercises and diets you will see and feel the difference and you will lose that extra weight along with an increase on your self esteem and confidence.

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