Build Muscle Mass With Better Precision

Having a healthy and perfectly sculpted body is to die for but a fitness program should never put you in danger especially those who are into body building.  There are many ways to have a well sculpted body and build muscle.  Repetitions on a bench press and weight lifting activities for example are just few of the many ways to keep a firm body.  Basically, building muscles and strength will depend on the way exercises are done.  To build muscle and gain more strength, the principle of overload should be understood.

In the principle of overload, to build strength and muscle bulk, there should be an overload applied to the muscle fibers through contractions which are done by using weights and other devices that challenge the muscle groups.  A bench press exercise when done daily and consistently can help increase the size of muscle fibers of the chest, deltoids, and upper body muscle group.  This method builds more strength to the muscle fibers thus, the size and shape of these muscle groups will be more prominent.  Exercises that will build muscle on the upper extremities are those that use free weights like dumbbells and barbells.

Biceps curls starting with five pounds for 2 days in 3 sets of 12 repetitions daily will build and increase biceps strength.  Gradually, this can be progressed to 10 pounds on the third to fifth day with lesser repetition.  After you have maintained 10 pounds, the work out can be progressed to a few pounds and once the desired muscle size is achieved, maintain muscle mass by using the last weight used for a fixed set of repetitions.

To build muscle for the leg muscle area, there are many strengthening exercises that can be done and initiated.  Leg press is one way to increase strength to the thigh muscles and it can be started with 30 pounds of resistance with 3 sets of 12 repetitions for the first 3 days and then progress to 35 to 40 pounds after 3 days.  It can be increases to a more heavy resistance as long as the muscles have already adapted, you will know this if the weight becomes easy to press or if you do not easily get muscle fatigue using the same resistance.  By this time you will know that you have gained more strength in that muscle section as you will see an increase in muscle bulk.  Just remember to do the increase of weight gradually to avoid muscle tear and injury.

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